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Economy: a mission for the Empire.

If micronationalism is based on the faithful re-creation of a (macro)nation, relying on its own constitution, courts, parliaments, society and culture, it is natural to think that economics is also part of a more refined conception of micronationalism. Although not the main bias of micronational activity – several famous and successful micronations do not have

Imperial Diet reopened; Micronational Summit in São Paulo!

Without further admonition, His Imperial Majesty the Emperor-King reopened the Imperial Diet, summoning some of its original members, with the exception of the former Imperial Chancellor, who is currently being tried for his conduct during the exercise of the office and the Regent Anton of Tsechia, due his inactivity. With the publication of Imperial Decree

A new Chancellor?

This morning, His Imperial Majesty, the Emperor-King, surprised everyone by asking informally about popular support for a statement from Him to appoint a person to complete an Imperial Chancellor’s mandate and to reconvene Parliament until further elections with the following message: “Citizens and friends, informally, We want to ask you about an important issue. Since

Imperial Treasury created!

Tonight, His Imperial and Royal Majesty, the Emperor-King, published the Imperial Decree n. 125-218, creating the Imperial Treasury. The Imperial Treasury of Karnia-Ruthenia, which can also be called as the Exchequer or the Treasury, is the Karno-Ruthenian government department responsible for developing and executing the government’s public finance policy and economic policy, but also charged

Emperor demand for resignation of Chancellor.

Through the Imperial Decree n. 115-2017, the Emperor-King requested the resignation of the Imperial Chancellor, Thomas of Cumagne. His Majesty also summoned the same, who is also King of Cumagne, to negotiate the secession of Cumagne, which must leave the Empire in the coming days. The argument for the controversial decree was a request of

Imperial Court is preparing for war.

Despite the silence of the government since the Imperial Diet was dissolved last week, the Imperial Court has watched, apprehensively, the Emperor’s Office study the prospects of responding to the continuing moral aggressions perpetrated by the judiciary authorities. It is possible that more severe actions will be taken soon. For national history, the whole event