Prestige – January to July 2023

Prestige – January to July 2023

At the beginning of the year, the Empire focused its efforts and expenditures on creations. It made history in Latin American micronationalism by creating the physical version of the first ever honor, the Order of the Three Golden Fleece, founded by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1809 and restored by Oscar I at the end of 2022, eventually becoming the highest honor in the Empire. In the following month, the Imperial House had replicas of the Order of the Edelweiss made to be bestowed upon members of the imperial delegation to MicroCon.

Order of the Three Golden Fleece.

But the imperial accomplishments were not limited to honors alone: still in January, Karnia-Ruthenia presented the Conference of Santiago with the first physical copy of the Vetrolin Almanac, a directory of the genealogy of royalty and nobility from the most important micronations in the world, equivalent to the Almanach de Gotha. The luxurious printing was announced by Oscar I, who sent it to be archived by the main patron of the publication, Lucas VIII, Stadtholder of the United Provinces of Mauritia. This was also a historic moment – for the first time in history, a book exclusively about micronations received a hardcover edition.

The first month of the year concluded with the announcement of the signing of the Treaty of Usgarn between the Empire, the United Kingdom of Greater Islip, and the Community of Cheskgariya-Litvania. To help stabilize the micronational sector of Long Island, a new member state of the Empire, the Kingdom of Temeswaria, was created. This member state is administered by the Sixth Army and was formed in a territorial claim previously occupied by Cheskgariya-Litvania, representing a moment of immense prestige in the practice of micronationalism in the United States of America.

Gifts from the President of Obscurium, Zar Antonov.

This moment of immense international prestige coincided with another very significant event in the foreign relations of the Empire – the first Cultural Exchange with United Republic of Obscurium, a major European micronation. The event, apart from being enjoyable, established a strong friendship between the heads of state and promoted the exchange of currencies, letters, postcards, and even works of art. Some months later, Oscar I would delivery a short speech during the celebrations of the V Anniversary of Foundation of Obscurium.

In addition to Obscurium, ties were strengthened with the Federal Republic of Forestia, a Brazilian micronation with great potential that eventually joined the Conference of Santiago. It even participated in the voting that determined the succession of the Duke of Frag in the leadership of the organization, which currently has its fourth Secretary-General as Queen Maria of Sildavia and Borduria.

In March, while K.R.O.S.A. organized the Empire’s participation in the “Orion Mission” conducted by NASA, the celebration of Archduke Ari’s birthday, the Emperor’s father and King of Pannonia, included the first bestowal of the Order of the Three Golden Fleece to someone outside the Imperial Family.

In the Imperial Court, Prince Hochbach and Count Szentmária continued to be the greatest hosts of social events, and the Imperial Collection received a kind letter and the famous ribbons of Nosso Senhor do Bonfim from their cousin and friend, Prince Lucas VIII of Woestein. Simultaneously, despite the cultural effervescence at the Court, politically, the Emperor suffered his first defeat in the parliament in the entire history of his reign – a bill authored by him proposing the title of his ancestor Rudolf of Rheinfelden – Rex Romanorum, King of the Romans, to the Emperor of Karnia, was rejected by the majority of the members of the Imperial Diet. The idea was to strengthen the Crown’s legitimacy and its ties with the Holy Roman Empire. With the defeat, part of this cultural movement lost momentum.

Oscar I, by Lucas Othonsen.

At the end of March, a series of significant dates began to be observed: the announcement that the Empire would attend MicroCon 2023, marking a year since the passing of the famous micronationalist Prince João de Noronha and three years since the foundation of the Conference of Santiago. During this period, among other things, a flourishing of cultural elements focused on imperial nationalism was observed, with an unprecedented production of artistic works from various genres, including idealized images of the Emperor and the creation of the “Imperial Creed,” a pledge of alliance between the people and the monarch in the form of a simple prayer.

In the second half of April, with the consent of the Imperial Diet, the remaining members of Lehmark were invited to continue their micronational activities within the Empire. Also in this month, the Diet concluded its work on the creation of a quality seal for products exported by the Empire.

On May 5th, the Emperor and thousands of others attended the coronation of King Charles III of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Less than two weeks later, another foreign monarch was honored in a much closer capacity. Oscar I met with Grand Duke Travis of Westarctica for a dinner at Terraço Itália in São Paulo. Together with Prince Hochbach, the famous American micronationalist was bestowed with the Order of the Three Golden Fleece, becoming the first foreign head of state to receive this honor, while the Emperor received the Order of the Snowflake in return.

Grand Duke Travis of Westarctica and Emperor Oscar I.
Propaganda celebrating the Deceniial of Delvera.

In the following week, the State of Delvera celebrated its Tenth Anniversary in grand style, with Delveran Heritage Day and the establishment of a museum to proudly showcase the history of this titan of American micronationalism, which is one of the driving forces behind the Empire.

In early June, the Imperial Diet approved the creation of the Imperial Meteorological Service, an agency to be administered by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which would analyze weather and seismic conditions within the Empire. However, the work in this month was of lesser intensity, as on June 30th, MicroCon 2023 began.

Hosted in Chicago, MicroCon, the most important exclusively micronational event in the world – and its largest edition to date – featured various recreational, cultural, social, and political activities. Beyond reaping rewards in foreign policy, the Imperial and Royal Delegation captured the attention of participants with their dignified demeanor and professional and opulent presentation, marking one of the greatest political victories in national history and justifying the heroic reception of the Empire’s representatives upon their return.

As the Empire approaches another Empire Day, the nation envisions the strengthening of its image as a strong, dignified, and grand nation.

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