Manifesto for the Truth

Manifesto for the Truth

While I write today in a personal capacity, I also write on behalf of the government instituted in My name, as well as on behalf of the people I proudly represent. Due to recent events, I am obliged to publish an already known campaign of hate that must be, if not prevented, at least known by the micronational community, so that it chooses the path it wants to take.

In 2020, the Empire engaged in disagreements with other Brazilian micronations due to its vision of micronationalism. Even today, we defend the derivative model, which is a minority among Brazilian micronationalists. At the time, several notes of repudiation of the Empire were written, many of them without knowledge of the facts and using impolite expressions, not to mention that in some cases, they were truly criminal in its content.

Despite this, time passed and a cordial distance was established between the derivatives and the historical-simulationists. However, one micronation in particular has not slowed down its desire to damage our image and that of those who dared to side with the Empire.

The micronationalist Marina of Manso, founder and leader of the aforementioned project, previously a key figure in our national policy, has become a true enemy of the Nation and over the last two years has launched attacks without reason or justification against the Empire, accusing us of espionage, cyber attacks, lies, hypocrisy, misrepresentation and moral coercion to make friends with micronationalists around the world.

There has not been a month without the one who signs this manifesto receiving notifications from friends and colleagues about the attacks she has received, especially the offenses directed not at the monarch, but at the man. The image of my family was incessantly vilified in WhatsApp groups and others, my honor attacked daily and the Empire and my citizens offended. Our allies in Brazil and abroad, in the unfair words of the supporters of this micronationalist, are all puppets; our more than 300 citizens are all fakes.

It was me and also my friends that was called bandits, conspirators, dishonest, liars, a series of other adjectives that for the benefit of the elegance of the manifesto, I will refrain from transcribing. It was Marina of Manso who led a dozen accusations against the Brazilian Sector in general and against me in particular, calling me a “segregationist”, “divisionist”, “revisionist”.

Whoever gets used to lying, the truth offends. Between April 2020 and mid-June 2021, I received messages from micronationalists around the globe, from Europe to Asia, asking me who she is and why she asked why they established relations with Karnia-Ruthenia, how I pressed them to have a friendly relationship with the Empire. Not without first, of course, stating that despite respecting me, I am a divisive person with harmful policies.

This, a few days after being approached by her, proposing to make amends and offering and subsequently insisting on an “arbitration” where I should basically agree that I did everything wrong throughout 2020 and 2021 – basically throw the Treaty of Persenburg in the trash, ignoring all the brilliant activity produced by the members of the Conference of Santiago in the period and, in face of my refusal, Marina of Manso returned to confuse her disagreement with me with foreign policy, which in part guarantees the Kingdom of Manso the bad reputation it currently enjoys.

However, the most recent news caused me deep grief. A Brazilian micronationalist, yesterday afternoon, was openly harassed by Marina of Manso for having joined the Empire. According to her and endorsed by the supposed micronationalists around her, there is one more puppet in my hands. In her selective blindness combined with boundless imagination, she failed to see the free will of another micronationalist, another person. The disagreement felt like a betrayal. Nobody can disagree with Marina of Manso! Her attitude? Attempting to intimidate someone in a group she controls. Moral coercion, lies and subsequent emotional blackmail – this is Marina of Manso’s modus operandi to enforce her will.

This, of course, is just one history. In her already long history, in addition to the offenses that I have already mentioned here, there are disgusting montages of my parents and even my dog ​​circulating in groups of Brazilian micronationalists, accusations of me being a “partisan” when narrating the heinous actions that she caused, declarations that the Conference of Santiago only accepted transgender micronationalists to “say that they had female support”, among many other attacks.

For a long time, I hesitated to make public what I described here, and I always tried to avoid being denounced for fear that its actions would affect the image of Brazilian micronationalism. But given the now international scope of their aggressions, it is necessary to give voice to those attacked. If your micronation was attacked or coerced by Marina of Manso and her minions, report it. If you have been a victim of moral coercion, report it. Never shut up in the face of the wrongdoing of others. Evil triumphs when good is silent.

We urgently need to choose which path we will follow as micronationalists. Are we going to learn to live with adversity or are we going to accept aggression as an instrument of foreign policy and personal dealings?

The Empire has already chosen its path.

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