Lightning and thunder – August to December 2022

Lightning and thunder – August to December 2022

The Emperors’ New Year’s Eve at Steinplatte Palais will take place in the rain, as will that of the Kings of Pannonia in Antonvilla, city of Arigrade. The imperial and royal family, separated by thousands of kilometers, will be reunited with their close members and reflections on the past year will be illuminated by the lightning that cuts through the skies during the storm, and by the loud sound of recent memories, very similar to thunder.

While Villa Alicia bestowed the Emperor-King with honorary citizenship and negotiations with Rivalia transformed Ameroslavia into Pannonia, there were no clouds in the skies. Even when Luiz Saboya, a middling former Brazilian micronationalist, bought a domain with the aim of disrupting the Empire, there was no sign of concern.

In fact, the representation of the Conference of Santiago at MICROCON 2023, marking the first participation of South America in the history of the event, was the harbinger of the progress that would be achieved not only by the Empire, but by its allies in the said organization.

But the first clouds came in, with the Empire coming under attack on its online assets, though rays of sunlight still permeated those first clouds during the birthday celebrations of the Sovereign of Karnia-Ruthenia. Plots would spring up everywhere, such as a famous and notorious coup forger trying to get back to the Empire under false pretenses.

Despite the approaching storm, the Empire was already dreaming of the future of the dynasty on the newly established throne of Pannonia, with Archduchess Alice finally obtaining inheritance rights in her own right. In addition to renewed rights, it was through GISH 2022 that the philanthropic organization recognized Oscar I, through his activities, as a de facto aristocratic sovereign – marked with the contribution of His Imperial Majesty in favor of Ukrainian refugees.

Already traditional in the Empire, personal meetings also took place on the social agenda of the Court. On two occasions, the Emperor encountered Prince von und zu Hochbach, Palatine of the Court of Justice and his companion, Count Szentmária, Minister of Culture and Hofballmusikdirektor. On the second occasion, the King of Taslavia accidentally made himself present.

While August ended its days with the strengthening of friendships between its citizens, externally their friendships were also strengthened since the beginning of September, with the Emperor being invited to be the godfather of Princess Adda of Quinta Velha. The ruling families of Karnia-Ruthenia and Quinta Velha deepened their bonds of friendship throughout 2022.

Diplomatic disasters involving xenophobia against Brazilians permeated the month of October, leading to a new restructuring of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and suspending for the first time in history the recognition of new micronations for an indefinite period.

At the end of this tumultuous month, the proposal presented by the Empire to hold micronational governments accountable for prejudiced speeches to the members of the Conference of Santiago, while internally, after the longest term in the history of the head of government, Margrave Callahan assumed the second most important political post in the Nation, the second American-born to take office.

Reforms that brought in greater elements from Delvera and Occidia also took place, strengthened by the rise of Dylan Callahan to the head of the imperial government. And by all accounts, this is just the beginning of a strong Pan-American movement conceived jointly by the heads of government and state of Karnia-Ruthenia.

In November, the Queen of Pannonia visited the Emperor at Hofbau for a few days in time for the Foundation Day celebrations. During this period, family events took the imperial agenda, but there was room for the creation not only of new diplomatic channels, but also of productive friendships.

This attention to the people and political groups closest to the imperial power also led to the Treaty of Mazza, which established the Goëtzën Monarchy, a political association for joint action by the monarchs of the Imperial House on foreign thrones, namely, Karnia-Ruthenia, Taslavia and Pannonia. In addition to the political issue, they reinstituted the Order of the Three Golden Fleeces founded by Napoleon in 1809 and resolved dynastic issues that resulted in the recognition of dozens of new archdukes – without inheritance rights.

In the second half of the year, the Empire would leave behind its representation in Asia with the extinction of the State of Guwati and the transfer of Cardonia. However, the Empire’s manifest destiny is evolution, so negotiations with Cheskgariya-Litvania and Greater Islip produced the Treaty of Usgarn, which once passed – presumably in January 2023 – will yield Oscar I a new throne, in a new way. new micronation in the United States, in addition to the prediction of expansion of the Empire in the Italian Peninsula.

With the government in recess and the Christmas Message released, the end of the year is slowly approaching, a little eclipsed by the death of Benedict XVI and by the rain, which now covers the lands of Persenburg, capital of the Karno-Ruthenian Empire.

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