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Imperial Court celebrates Easter.

At the beginning of March, the Court Circular foresaw the presence of the Imperial Family for the Palm Sunday Celebrations. In effect, the Imperial Family attended this celebration, but also engaged in other events that were held at Easter. His Imperial and Royal Majesty, the Emperor made, with Her Imperial Majesty, the Empress, the reading of

Emperor wins the Cyber Awards of Integration of 2017

Yesterday evening, His Imperial Majesty, the Emperor-King received the Cyber Awards in the category of Integration for his work carried out throughout 2017. Created to be an impartial micronational award in the Lusophone Sector of micronationalism, the Cyber Awards, created by the Brazilian micronationalist Pedro Humberto Gaze, established indications in the categories of “Cyber of

Imperial Diet reopened; Micronational Summit in São Paulo!

Without further admonition, His Imperial Majesty the Emperor-King reopened the Imperial Diet, summoning some of its original members, with the exception of the former Imperial Chancellor, who is currently being tried for his conduct during the exercise of the office and the Regent Anton of Tsechia, due his inactivity. With the publication of Imperial Decree

Tapatalk facilitates access to the forum!

With great emphasis, the Imperial Government announced this evening another result of the Empire’s cooperation with the United Provinces of Mauricia, the most active Brazilian micronation these days. Making use of the Tapatalk application, recently incorporated into the Persenburg Citadel – the national forum of the Empire, citizens, virtual tourists and dignitaries will be able

Imperial Message in Commemoration of Christmas Day.

Respecting the tradition that began in 2014 and was interrupted only once, His Imperial Majesty, the Emperor-King published today the “Imperial Message in Comemmoration of Christmas Day”. The speech, written in English and Portuguese, which are the main languages of the Empire, in casual conversation tone with the citizens and friends of the Empire, wishing

Royal Wedding in Carpathia!

Soon after the celebrations for the third anniversary of the country, the Imperial Court received with festivities the request of King Christian of Carpathia to the Emperor-King to marry, under the terms of the Imperial Civil Code, Princess Kimberly of Arecibo. The petition was answered affirmatively by the Emperor-King a few minutes later. The petition