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Daugavia joins the Empire!

The Court Circular for December pointed out that on the first day of this month, after a social event – the wedding of the Counts Ricarte – there would be a political event which our Emperor would participate in: the signing of the Treaty of Ephigeniastadt. Created on 30 November 2018, the Duchy of Daugavia

August in Court.

The month of August is probably the most active in the Empire. Celebrations, social movement, politics… August never disappoints. However, this month of August was not the happiest in imperial history. On the first day of the month, the Empire Day was celebrated. As usual, the List of Honors of August brought new names to

Nordinsel founded, end of martial law.

On 01 July, His Imperial Majesty, the Emperor-King Oscar issued the Imperial Decree n. 152-2O18, that established Martial Law over the Principality of Scotia, a state of the Empire located in the Republic of Ireland. The reason behind the first martial law in Karno-Ruthenian history was the “ineptitude of the hereditary ruler of the Principality

Lusophone Micronations World Cup ends Sunday; the Empire is out.

The ”’Lusophone Micronations World Cup”’ was the 1st CFM World Cup, the championship for micronational football teams organized by micronations from the Lusophone Sector. It took place in People’s Republic of Bugolavija from 11 to 29 April 2018, after the micronation created the MFC – Micronational Football Confederation. The group stage took place from 11

Beginning of the year in the Empire.

In the last days of 2017, the Empire established its first regency, of very short duration. With great tranquility, the rulers led the Empire until the year 2018, delivering in good condition the glorious micronation they received from the Emperor-King. The Regency crossed the period of recess without challenges, except perhaps for the funny confusion

Second Libertian Courts Convoked!

His Royal Highness, the Duke of Libertia, convoked this evening all members of the Libertian Aristocracy and the Regional Government to participate on the “II Libertian Courts” in Sonelize Residence, the Honorary Consulate of Libertia in Portugal – and personal residence of the Ducal Couple. It will take place on 23 December 2017. The courts

New KROSA mission successful!

The Karno-Ruthenian Observatory and Space Agency, also known as K.R.O.S.A., responsible for the Karnia-Ruthenia’s space programme, conducted its second mission today. Unlike what happened with the “Alpha Mission”, the “Beta Mission” was conducted for the purpose of cataloging and rendering the beautiful photograph that can be seen alongside. It happened in Grancasa, capital of the

Hofkalender created.

In order to compile the data on the national aristocracy, the Emperor-King created, on the night of 01 November, the Hofkalender, called “the Golden Book of Imperial Nobility“, a book of records with the letter patents of title of nobility that have already been granted, and those which will be in the future. According to