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Triumph – August to December 2023

At the beginning of August, celebrations for Empire Day reached their peak through an increasingly short List of Honors, although this short list had one big new feature – the victory titles given to the representatives of the Empire at Microcon 2023.

BEM Group logo.

The preponderance of intermicronational foreign policy was proven not only in the largest micronational event on the planet, but also with the creation of the BEM Group, a political and cultural association in partnership with Chesgariya-Litvania for micronations with identity elements focused on Central Europe and which is named in honor of Józef Bem – hero in Hungary and Poland, as well as involved in wars for freedom and self-determination of people in Europe and America.

With his popularity rising at a time of little participation in the Empire’s internal politics, Oscar I celebrated his birthday publicly for the first time, with Ruthenian citizens and in contact with Delveran citizens, who through Consul Casey Pemberton, granted him the Order of Liberty, First Class. In addition to a brief appearance at the traditional Saint Stephen’s Mass on August 20, the following day he was guest of honor at the wedding of his cousin, the Archduchess Beatrice, to the Count Santory of Saxa-Gondomar. With the marriage approved, the Order of the Three Golden Fleeces was guaranteed to the groom.

In September, Court events set the pace, with parties at the Hochbach Residence led by the head of the imperial judiciary and coordinated by the Minister of Culture, Count Szentmária – who also received the Order of the Three Golden Fleeces.

“Ration Type 1”, by Pembingham’s.

But imperial governance was not just about parties, and the General Staff, in partnership with Pembingham’s, developed the first micronational military ration in history, raising the professionalism of the imperial defense forces so that there is practically no comparison with our power and capacity not only for reaction, but for mobilization, coordination and planning in the defense sphere.

October, however, was a month of varied tensions – Israel’s War against Palestine and the general repercussion of the issue led the Empire to position itself, as always, for peace, but without negotiations with terrorists. In addition to politics, the Imperial House saw one of its oldest and most charismatic members, Archduke Otto, undergo surgeries whose recovery took more than a month and were completed in Arigrade, capital of the Kingdom of Pannonia. However, everything was resolved positively and the month concluded with an auspicious and promising rapprochement with the Commonwealth of Dracul.

Logo of the Karno-Ruthenian Fencing Federation.

The sport acquired interesting proportions in this final part of the year. Usually a neglected subject, sport entered the Court’s activities and the first unofficial fencing tournament took place in the Empire, under the auspices of the Karno-Ruthenian Fencing Federation, founded in 2017. The positive repercussion of the event led the Emperor to start his training more intensely in December 2023.

Delvera’s capital, Clarksbourg, has joined the sister city program with Dracul’s capital, Bran District, at the beginning of November, shortly before the last medal of the Nemean Games was won by the Empire in Hearts of Iron, for the brilliant campaign of Prince Brizendine, worthy of first place. This grand beginning, however, would soon be overshadowed by the sequence of State meetings led by the Emperor as host of the Emperors of Villa Alicia, who visited the monarch Karno-Rutheno on 13 November and the Prince of Aigues-Mortes and the Duke of Constance, who visited him on 16 November. At the beginning of December, it was the Emperor’s turn to receive the King of Braspor.

As the end of the year approached, activities tended to slow down – or so it was expected. The Antarctic Micronational Union completed 15 years with a great speech by its Secretary General, Yaroslav Mar, President of Lostisland, and the Emperor attended the Christmas Concert of the Brazilian Imperial Family – and this as a prelude to another meeting (much more relaxed and informal) with the Grand Duke of Westarctica.

After this meeting, the December honors list was issued and the Emperor left for Pannonia, to visit his parents who today reign over the micronation and other relatives of the imperial family, along all the northern regions of Ruthenia – the most important state visit of the reign of Oscar I until today.

In itself, this visit was seen as the starting point of the celebrations marking the ten years of Oscar I’s reign, highlighted not only by the success of the trip, but also by the occurrence of an unprecedented event – the first meeting between micronationalists in the Brazilian state of Piauí . Oscar I received Mateus I de Narvition at the airport in the capital of Piauí, Teresina, for a few hours before his return to Persenburg. The result was positive and both monarchs assured that they would meet in São Paulo in 2024.

With a lot of collective effort, the Empire reaped the laurels of its activity focused on work followed by results and solidified its position as one of the largest micronations of its time.

First meeting of the Congress of St. Louis.

The Congress of St. Louis, hosted by the Grand Republic of Delvera, is a event to be held in frequent, scheduled sessions from 04 to 25 August 2018, via Internet remotely, to overcome obstacles of time and distance among its members. The purpose of the event is to promote rules of conduct relating to conflict resolution and to promote intermicronational economic standards, which would be codified at the Congress, yet enforced by respective nations separately. The Congress wasn’t to be a permanent organization, but rather an event.

The first session took place on 04 August, The Karno-Ruthenian and Delveran delegations were present. The Fristehenian and Dewaconian delegations did not attend the meeting. The meeting, apart of introductory remarks, was the discussion of the pending articles of the 2018 Intermicronational Convention on War, specifically weapons, personal protection, and training. Because only a few delegations were present, the talks did not go too far. The Karno-Ruthenian delegation asked for time to analyze the text, having discussed in principle its effectiveness, being persuaded by the Delverans, since the intent of the document was to establish standards whereby a physical micronational war could take place within the scope of what a micronation is and without violating macronational law.

During the session, was recommended the establishment of the Committee on Economic Development, the Committee on Truces and Prisoners of War and Committee on Economic Warfare.

The second session of the Congress of St. Louis was scheduled for 11 August