Imperial Court carries out the last activities of the year.

Imperial Court carries out the last activities of the year.

From the end of November until this month, the Imperial Court was and will be involved in various events, marking the end of the year.

On the last Friday of November, the Emperors met the Grand Masters of the Court, the Margrave of Hrodric and the Margrave of Maffrengrube, both accompanied by their wives. From the meeting, the date for the last event of the Imperial Court, a dinner that will take place on 9 December at Hrodic’s House, the residence of the Hrodic Family.

On 27 November, the Imperial Family attended two religious events: the First Communion of the Hereditary Prince of Mortenfeudt, the Empress’s younger brother and the godson of the Emperors, and the marriage of a cousin of the Empress, Ms. Adriana Vieira, with Mr. Mauro Cavalcante.

On the afternoon of 02 December, the Emperors attended a charity event at St. Stephen’s Cathedral. At the time, they contributed financially to the reforms of the cathedral and the Empress was presented by the community. His Eminence, the Archbishop of Persenburg also attended the event and met the Imperial Couple.

On the morning of 09 December, the Emperor will attend the 3rd Conference on the Hungarian Presence in Brazil at the renowned University of São Paulo. The event will feature other prominent members of the Hungarian community, such as Mr. Szilárd Teleki, Consul General of Hungary. At night, as previously written, there will be a state dinner at Hrodic’s House, which will be attended by the Grand Masters of the Court. A similar event occurred last year on the night of 23 December and looks set to become a tradition of His Majesty’s Court.

Between the 16 and 17 December, the Imperial Family will be present at the civil wedding of another cousin of the Empress, Mr. Christian Vieira, with Miss Karoline Santos. The couple already have a daughter together, Miss Ana Livia, and circulate rumors in the Court that they will be ennobled in a near future. A religious ceremony should take place in May 2018.

The Imperial Government will enter recess on 22 December, but the following event of the Imperial Court will take place in 24 December at Hofbau, the already traditional Christmas Dinner, only for members of the Imperial Family. The next day, the Imperial Family must remain together, as it has been since 2013.

On 29 December, the Emperor and Empress will embark on a trip to the Argentine Republic, where they will spent the Réveillon and from where they return in the first week of January. It is speculated whether a Regency will be convened.

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