Message of Condolences to the Royal Family of Romania.

Message of Condolences to the Royal Family of Romania.

His Imperial and Royal Majesty, the Emperor-King, received the news of the death of His Royal Majesty, King Michael of Romania early this morning.

A model of behavior and attitude, King Michael reigned with faith and confidence in his mission in one of the most terrible moments of the last century. The last King of Romania personally contributed decisively to shortening the Second World War, saving hundreds of thousands of Romanian civilians and potentially tens or even hundreds of thousands of Romanian and Soviet soldiers, ensuring that the Allied victory would come much more quickly.

An historical injustice perpetrated by Communists and traitors removed him from the throne, but could never erase his history. After the fall of communism, the King showed his devotion to its Nation, proving that he always was at the service of his country, always in service of the Romanian nation, with inspiring dignity.

May God receive this King of the Romanians: an exceptional man and a dignifying example of what a monarch must be, a public man and an honorable servant of the fatherland. We send our condolences to the Royal Family and to the Romanian People.

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