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National bank created.

Logo of IBKR.

Created this morning by Imperial Decree n. 119-2017, the Imperial Bank of Karnia-Ruthenia is the first financial institution created in the Empire, also serving as the central bank. According to the decree, the missions of the Imperial Bank are the issuance and management of banknotes, implementation of monetary policies, providing settlement services and ensuring the stability of the financial system, treasury and government securities-related operations, compilation of data, economic analyses and research activities, among others.

This decree marks the resumption of imperial government plans to implement future mercantile practices, an objective that was foreseen many years ago and reinforced after talks with micronations located in North America since the Congress of Colo. The economic question also finds interest and sympathy in micronations located in South America, that has skillfully ventured in this branch of micronational activity at least from the beginning of this decade.

The decree can be read here.