Emperor wins the Cyber Awards of Integration of 2017

Emperor wins the Cyber Awards of Integration of 2017

Yesterday evening, His Imperial Majesty, the Emperor-King received the Cyber Awards in the category of Integration for his work carried out throughout 2017.

Created to be an impartial micronational award in the Lusophone Sector of micronationalism, the Cyber Awards, created by the Brazilian micronationalist Pedro Humberto Gaze, established indications in the categories of “Cyber of Peace”, “Cyber of Economic Sciences”, “Cyber of Information”, “Cyber of Politics”, “Cyber of Diplomacy”, “Cyber of Integration” and “Cyber of Innovation”, each category with three nominees, all with some connection with the Lusophone Sector.

Winner in the category of Integration, which aimed to reward micronationalists who helped create a stable and prosperous environment in micronationalism, the Emperor made the longest speech of the night, which follows in its entirety:

In moments of triumph, of victory, the common is to make long thanks to those who have guided you, who helped you, who gave you notoriety to reach the leading position that gave you the opportunity to adress a speech. Of course I am grateful to everyone who helped me in this micronational walk of more than 09 years. However, considering that the category to which I was nominated and I won is integration, I believe I could do better than just thank and enumerate some values ​​that I consider very important. It is not a guide, but it is a reflection.

When starting a micronational project, do not measure the quality of your endeavor by the number of likes on your Facebook page. The best micronations existed long before almost all social networks and have already printed newspaper and magazine covers long before ‘like’ means anything other than ‘like’ in English. Focus about the impact of your project on the lives of the other micronationalists who will join you. Focus that they learn something and evolve along with their micronation. Your image will be determined by the link you create with your partners, not by the amount of Facebook posts or even a national forum, since quality and quantity are not the same.

Do not be afraid to fail in a micronational project. Expose yourself to micronationalists from all over the world, from all micronations is difficult, scary and not always uplifting, but you have to go through it to fine-tune your project. In addition, there is no victory or defeat that lasts forever – though not decisive, the opinion of others can be a valuable (and free) thermometer on what you do. Be sensitive to your impact on those around you.

Be responsible for the attitudes of your micronation towards others. Just a few people like to share their victories, but it is certain that few like to assume the error of others alone. But when you are the leader, you will share your triumphs and you will be the solely responsible for the failure. This is truly the weight of leadership: to grant without expecting anything in return, to fervently defend those of you and not to attack unjustifiably. Bet on your own ability, but keep in mind that in addition to being continually tested, you must be open to change. The world is very dynamic to think that our convictions are immutable. Time is running, and in micronationalism, the clock is ticking too fast.

Courage to start a project is difficult, but it is much harder to trust others. But trust. Without confidence that different people can integrate your project, that can be involved with your project, that can see your project, there is no chance of growth, to evolve. If you especially wish leadership, trust that you can lead and lead, it is nothing more than the constantly improve your ability to convince and aggregate people around you. Use this skill wisely, too. Intelligence can charm but also humiliate and this will probably not help you.

Disturb the order. Do not be afraid to be different with quality. The world is dynamic, social relations are dynamic, and the right and consecrated practice of micronationalism is not the only way to do micronationalism. Be bold, but be understandable too. Dare, without being disrespectful to a brilliant and respectable past. Tradition does not have to rule out innovation, but it can not be replaced by innovation either.

Create without fear, strive for your creations with courage and live with faith.

Thank you so much for the award and may God bless you all.

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