Igor Lencovic vs Empire (Private Civil Lawsuit nº 0000003.2019.1-SC.400)

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Igor Lencovic vs Empire (Private Civil Lawsuit nº 0000003.2019.1-SC.400)

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PRIVATE CIVIL LAWSUIT Nº 0000003.2019.1-SC.400
Author: IGOR RUJANHRAST (former Igor Lencovic)
Origin: Imperial Supreme Court
Summary Judge: Johannis Sauerbronn


MANDAMENTAL ACTION OF NAME RECTIFICATION. The right to the name is a logical corollary of the principle of citizenship, enshrined in the Article 2º, II of the Constitution. The right, as a just relation between two or more people, implies that the convenience of the Administration be considered together with the propositions contained in the fundamental rights. Legal and administrative security can not fully deprive of effects a fundamental right. Principle of constitutional unity. Request integrally provided.

Archived on February 13, 2019.
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