Empire v. Thomas (Public Criminal Lawsuit nº 0000001.2017.3-ISC.400)

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Empire v. Thomas (Public Criminal Lawsuit nº 0000001.2017.3-ISC.400)

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Prosecutor: HSH Anton Wenzel
Defendant: Thomas of Cumagne
Origin: Imperial Supreme Court
Repporteur: Palatine Wilhelm von und zu Hochbach-Wigmaransz


CRIMES AGAINST THE NATION. DEFAMATION CAMPAIGN. ILLEGAL CONTROL OF VIRTUAL STRUCTURE. ABUSE OF AUTHORITY. BLACKMAIL. PRINCIPLE OF SUBSIDIARITY. NON BIS IN IDEM. Illicit manipulation of virtual administrative structures characterizes crimes against the nation and against administrative order. Behavioral evidence coupled with technical evidence are sufficiently incriminating. Favoring one's own authority for illicit purposes does not necessarily constitute an attack on government institutions. Defamation campaigns against the Empire and the Emperor do not constitute lese-majesty. Deferred in part. NATIONAL STATUS OF EMANCIPATED CITIZENS. NATIONAL STATUS OF EMANCIPATED DEFENDANT BEFORE JUDICIAL PROCEDURE. PRINCIPLE OF TERRITORIALITY. Citizenship is only revoked by res judicata or illicit double citizenship. The principle of territoriality confers to the State criminal jurisdiction over every individual on its frontiers. Citizenship of the defendant is not a preliminary issue, but prejudicial issue. Citizenship recognized and maintained.

Archived on March 14, 2018.
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