Ministerial Order No O2, O2 July 2018.

The Ministry of Justice is the body responsible for implementing actions to provide access to justice, to increase confidence in the justice system, and uphold people’s civil rights.
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Ministerial Order No O2, O2 July 2018.

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A ministerial decree to regulate the ways and vehicles by which the voting will take place.
His Excellency, the Minister of Justice, in exercise of the powers conferred on him, thinks it desirable to make this Order for the purpose of the regulation of the electoral system, in compliance with article 29 of the Electoral Code, and in full harmony with the Imperial Constitution, with full compliance with the provisions of article 73, decree the following:

ARTICLE I The voting process will be carried out by the Electoral Justice, according to the Electoral Code and the rules of this decree.

ARTICLE II The Electoral Justice must create its own e-mail, or virtual account that satisfies this objective, through which the voting process will be conducted.
§ 1º The knowledge of the login and the password should be transmitted only to the Palatine of the Court of Justice and the Emperor, these figures being the main leaders of the Electoral Justice regarding the calculation and voting process.
§ 2º The password must be substantially changed every time one of the two figures provided for in the previous paragraph is replaced.

ARTICLE III After the Imperial Decree that dissolves the House of Representatives and calls for new elections, the Electoral Justice, through the email mentioned in the previous article, must send private convocations to each of the citizens in full exercise of their political rights according to the parameters established by the Imperial Constitution and by the Electoral Code.
SINGLE PARAGRAPH. The specific convocations must inform the voting requirements, as established in the Electoral Code; the means of voting process, as established in this decree; and the relative deadlines, as established in the decree of the Ministry of Justice in force on the subject.

ARTICLE IV The elector, in order to perform a valid vote, must respond to the e-mail mentioned in the preceding article within the established deadline, with the objective statement of his choice among the candidates in the suit.

ARTICLE V Valid votes shall be those carried out in accordance with the parameters expressed in the preceding article, provided that:
I – There is only one vote per elector. In the case of more than one answer to the same suit by the same elector, only the first one will be considered valid;
II – The voter is vertically in possession of his political exercises, proving by comparing the e-mail used in the response to the Electoral Justice with the e-mail used in the civil register of the Empire.
SINGLE PARAGRAPH. Invalid votes shall not be considered for the electoral calculation, nor shall they affect the validity of the electoral process in respect of the total quorum of participating voters. The same applies to abstentions.

I ordain all authorities to whom the knowledge and execution of the present Ministerial Order belong, to comply with, and enforce and obey its contents as fully as it is contained.

Ministerpalast, O2 JULY 2O18. — His Excellency, the Minister of Justice.
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