Special Law n. OO9-2O15, 11 June 2O15.

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Special Law n. OO9-2O15, 11 June 2O15.

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Cabinet of the President of General Assembly

Law n. OO9-2O15
Voted and Decided, 11 June 2015.
HIS EXCELLENCY, the PRESIDENT OF GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE KINGDOM OF RUTHENIA, in free use of my constitutional privileges granted by HIS MAJESTY, the KING, I address to the General Assembly of Ruthenia and to all subjects of His Majesty, to make public and binding our decision about the proposal of marriage presented to us by His Majesty, the King

After a detailed and comprehensive analysis of the Fundamental Laws of the Royal House and of the Civil Code, and of the circumstances of the involvement of His Royal Majesty and His Highness, this General Assembly APPROVES the proposal of marriage and allow His Majesty to the proposal, with the absolute and express consent of his subjects.

We decided also that there are no impediments of any kind, should the Consort take the female variant of all titles of her husband as well as share his style of treatment, honoring all of us to be the bearer of these aristocratic titles and for being one of our greatest female examples in the nation.

For the ratification of the wedding, we request that Her Highness testify, before our Assembly, the following oath:
"To guide, enlighten and make me fit for the great service I will share with my trustful husband, the My King and Judge of Ruthenia, that there may be with Us the Wisdom Which belongs to our Divine Throne, that Our heart may be in God's hand, to accomplish all that is to the profit of the people committed to Our charge and to the glory of God, so that on the day of Judgment We may give account of Our stewardship without blame. Allow Our Lord to make me good and generous to my husband, whom I will accompany until my last day, asking for our blissful union and being fair and good for my subject”.
President of the General Assembly of Ruthenia
His Imperial and Royal Majesty, by the Grace of God, Emperor of Karnia and King of Ruthenia, King of Bessabia, King of Horvatia, Szolnók, Geza, Letingia, Escandia, King of Jestia, King of Temeswaria, etc.; Archduke of Karnia, Grand Duke of Gaussland, Caledonia; Duke of Ladislavia, Hoheneinsamkeit, Weißeswasser, Csorna, Chedowski, Balaton; Grand Prince of Karcag, Margrave of Luftrein, Duke of Persenburg, Götzödorf, Mohács, Pannonhalm, Podenbrad, Gyalla, Oswiencin, Zallanta, Cieszpreg, Fertodin, Rugoz, Árpád; Princely Count of Bihar, Tamaz, Koberg, Gerizia, Grevenia; Prince of Thomaz-Rocha, Bersód; Margrave of Upper and Lower Lusitia; Count of Heves, Feldkirchenberg, Brevento, Szentes, etc.; Lord of Fürstenbergserdboden, Kazin, etc., etc. etc.
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