A new Chancellor?

A new Chancellor?

This morning, His Imperial Majesty, the Emperor-King, surprised everyone by asking informally about popular support for a statement from Him to appoint a person to complete an Imperial Chancellor’s mandate and to reconvene Parliament until further elections with the following message:

Citizens and friends, informally, We want to ask you about an important issue. Since 25 October 2017, We are without a head of government and with the parliament closed. We would like to know if there is popular support to nominate an Imperial Chancellor pro-tempore and reopen the parliament to conclude its term until the conventions of new elections, which should happen sometime this year“.

This was the first public indication that there will be elections this year. It is well known that the subject was discussed over the last year at the highest levels of government, but never before has the subject been officially presented to the population. This election campaign would be the second in history, but the first that would occur throughout the Empire. The first, occurred in 2016, was only for Ruthenia and was marked by the victory of the Objectivist Party.

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