King of Carpathia begins training in the US Air Force.

King of Carpathia begins training in the US Air Force.

His Majesty the King of Carpathia and his flight instructor.

His Royal Majesty, the King of Carpathia, continues as one of the most active micronationalists of the Empire, especially for his extra activities that always positively reverberate to our Nation.

Expanding the list of former soldiers of US Armed Forces who now serve the glory of the Empire – the most prominent of them, the Duke of Appinfeldt, the young King of the Carpathia, whose family is famous for serving the US Armed Forces for almost a century, now expands his experience by training aircraft piloting.

Currently in command of the Imperial Navy, this technical increase is highly relevant to the development of our armed forces and it is certain that the doctrine and training provided by the United States Military Forces is beneficial to the improvement of our nation, since it impresses on its enlistees values such as courage, discipline and proactivity: essential elements for building a worthy nation.

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