End of year recess date announced.

End of year recess date announced.

It was decreed today by His Imperial and Royal Majesty’s Own Office the dates of recess of the government. With the parliament dissolved, the ministries will continue their usual activities until 15 December 2017, returning to activities on 08 January 2018.

The measure, far from being an innovation, follows the rite of government work until a week before Christmas and returning to its activities in the second week of January, just as it has been since December 2014.

With the ever-active role of the sovereign, treaties and decrees were often issued during the recess. However, this particular year, it is possible that this will be a quieter end of the year in the Emperor-King’s Office, considering that His Imperial Majesty will travel with the Empress. The destination and date of the travel have not yet been confirmed by the Imperial House.

The decree can be read here.

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