Request to Imperial Supreme Court

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Request to Imperial Supreme Court

Postby Rujanhrast » 24 Jan 2019, 17:22

Requisition -change of my name in Karnia -Ruthenian Empire

Your Excellency,
my civil name is Igor Lencovic and I am from Croatia.
After useful conversation with the HRE Emperor I diced to apply for citizenship in one of the states and I choose The Duchy of Libertia.

when applying for citizenship on Empire page I did not know the rules (what pseudonim names are aplicable) and I wanted an name that is a Croatian historical person(what was refused by the rules of the Empire). I am sorry for that but I did not know the rules so I asking you the name on my Citizenship document and state and Empire evidence to a fictional name: Igor Rujanhrast, Rujan is in Croatian September and hrast is the Oak tree.
Reason: I want to be an active person in my state and Empire and politically active, but I am a public person in Croatia -a politician and therapist and because the common people and my party and publicity would not understand my interest in micro-nation,

Please fulfill my humble request! My citizenship certificate is under No 233.

Sincerely Your's

Igor Lencović
Citizenship Certificate 233.pdf
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