Royal Wedding in Carpathia!

Royal Wedding in Carpathia!

Arms of alliance of King Christian and Queen Kimberly.

Soon after the celebrations for the third anniversary of the country, the Imperial Court received with festivities the request of King Christian of Carpathia to the Emperor-King to marry, under the terms of the Imperial Civil Code, Princess Kimberly of Arecibo. The petition was answered affirmatively by the Emperor-King a few minutes later. The petition and the answer can be read here.

The couple have known each other for years, but have decided to formalize the union micronationally more recently when the bride’s family acquired Carpathian nationality. The bride’s family ascended to nobility the day before the requisition, when the future queen was also made Dame of the Order of the Queen.

This is the second micronational marriage in the history of Karnia-Ruthenia. The first took place on 12 June 2015, when then-King Oscar of Ruthenia obtained parliamentary permission to marry his companion, Empress Paloma.

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