Prince of Mortenfeudt baptized; Emperors are the godparents.

Prince of Mortenfeudt baptized; Emperors are the godparents.

This morning, Hereditary Prince Allan of Mortenfeudt, the brother-in-law of His Imperial Majesty, the Emperor-King, was baptized in the Catholic Church, with Emperor King and the Empress Consort as his godfathers.

The ceremony took place in the Saint Stephen King of Hungary’s Church, known to the inhabitants of Persenburg as the “St. Stephen’s Cathedral”, dedicated to the patron saint of the Empire. The celebrant was the Archbishop of Persenburg, Joseph of Assis. The celebration took place during Sunday Mass. Attended, in addition to the local community, the Princely Family of Mortenfeudt, Archduchess Denise and other close relatives.

The Emperor-King was baptized in the same place in 1996. His Highness, the Hereditary Prince of Mortenfeudt is the son of Prince Albert and Princess Adalia, and younger brother of Empress Consort.

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