Emperor demand for resignation of Chancellor.

Emperor demand for resignation of Chancellor.

Through the Imperial Decree n. 115-2017, the Emperor-King requested the resignation of the Imperial Chancellor, Thomas of Cumagne. His Majesty also summoned the same, who is also King of Cumagne, to negotiate the secession of Cumagne, which must leave the Empire in the coming days.

The argument for the controversial decree was a request of the Chancellor to revoke constitutional provisions through Executive Decree, which is prohibited by the Constitution which, incidentally, has Thomas of Cumagne as one of its writers. The Chancellor’s objective would be to empower Cumagne, who was already dissatisfied with domestic politics. His Majesty then decided to release the Cumagnais from the terms of the Treaty of Nison, signed in 23 September 2016.

It is also justifiable the weariness of His Majesty with the Chancellor the flaws that affected the official e-mail of the Empire, which erased several diplomatic messages and the failure of the national forum, which destroyed the records of the first legislature of the Empire.

The King of Cumagne still are the Ambassador to Belgium and Commander of the IX Imperial and Royal Army.

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